Exclusively those involved in the provision of dental care may become members of the community. The contents are only available once personal registration and authentication have been completed. This is both necessary and prudent due to legal prerequisites concerning the profession and due to continuing education: the content accessed by each user is automatically recorded and accumulated credits can be called up as proof of continuing education as an individual CME credits statement in accordance with German BZÄK-DGZMK guidelines. Full Membership

The full membership can be booked for one year. It automatically extends for another year if the membership is not terminated in writing (email) at least 42 days in advance to the expiry date. The membership fee for a full membership is €49.-* per month, which amounts to €588.-* annually. Payment can be made via online remittance or (for clients with a German bank account) via direct debit.

The full membership entitles to the purchase of reduced junior memberships for partners, assistants, employees, with the same practice / company address and a separate advanced education protocol. Junior Membership

Precondition for booking of junior memberships is the existing full membership with the same praxis / company address. This Junior-Membership can also be booked for one year and extends also for another year if the membership is not terminated in writing 42 days prior expiration, (e-mail). Junior-Members will receive a separate advanced education protocol, addressed to the address of the full membership holder. The junior-member address is the same one as the full member address and cannot be changed.
The fee for a Junior-membership is monthly €29.-*, which amounts to €348.-* annually. It can be paid via credit card or (for clients with a German bank account) via direct debit.

6 months CEREC online training (Sirona voucher)

Members in the CEREC Club are sent a special voucher code from Sirona giving them access to the sirona-users>cad/cam for 6 months. This code can also be used for the half-price offer for full membership for one year at one €294. vouchers memberships subject to charge may be either fully or partially payed with vouchers. Voucher codes are provided for purchase or as advertising by various providers. The value of a voucher code is dedcuted from the total sum when it is entered in the booking dialogue. Only one voucher may be used per booking. If the voucher code does not cover the full sum, the user will be sent an electronic invoice for the remaining sum.

*all prices are excluding VAT