CEREC Connect intraoral Scan

Clinical situation, 14 Inlays in 4 quadrants, chairside-section

CEREC Connect Workflow

Complete procedure including upload/download demonstrated on the model

CEREC 4 round trip

Preview of the new version of the CEREC software

Gingivectomy with SiroLaser

Impression or scan preparation

Curettage, augmentation Regio 46, Easy Graft

Bone build-up following photodynamic therapy

Drying with DryTips

Keeping the parotid gland dry, retaining the cheek

Various ceramic bridges

Various ceramic bridges via the temporary

Inlay polishing in the lab

Polishing an inlay in the lab / practice lab

CEREC introduction quadrant

Virtual implantation, construction of adjacent teeth

CEREC introduction find cause for artefact

Blurred images as a cause for artefacts

Intra-oral powdering and CEREC AC scan 34 abutment, 35 inlay

Intra-oral scan technique, buccal image

Two chord method 35

Impression/scan preparation following preparation

Optragate and Isolite

Suctioning, retaining and lighting the working field

Exporting Galileos measuring check

Exporting images from Sidexis as tiff

Configuring new data path on client in Sidexis

Setting up 32-Bit client on new database

Expasyl manual and automatic application

Scan preparation with Expasyl

Patient positioning in GALILEOS

Standing patient in Galileos with the head support